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Physiotherapy for Myopathies

Individuals with Myopathies will benefit from neurological physiotherapy.

Neurological physiotherapy will help a person with a myopathy manage their symptoms and improve their ability with everyday tasks. Physiotherapy treatment will also slow the development of physical symptoms of a myopathy. Physiotherapy treatment will include:
  • Muscle strength training to keep muscles strong for as long as possible, improve mobility and success with physical functioning
  • A structured exercise program to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Exercise will also help increase your self-esteem and independence with activities.
  • Stretching muscles in your hips, thighs and shoulders to lengthen stiff muscles or joints. Stretching will also ease muscle spasm and soreness.
  • Activities to improve your posture.
  • Advise about equipment for mobility if required ie. walking aids, orthoses, callipers and wheelchairs.
  • Hydrotherapy treatment which relaxes, strengthens muscle and increases circulation. Hydrotherapy also reduces pain and enables a person with a myopathy to maximise their mobility within the water.
Neurological physiotherapy will help you maximise your potential and improve your quality of life. Physiotherapy treatment will also increase your confidence and independence.

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