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What is a Neurological Physiotherapist?

A neurological physiotherapist helps restore physical function that may have been lost following injury to the brain or the spinal cord. This may include a Stroke, Head Injury, Spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease. A neurological physiotherapist will target problems such as: A neurological physiotherapist will initially assess how your condition affects you and design an individualised treatment programme which will improve your functional ability and maximise your potential with everyday tasks. This may involve postural sets such as rolling in bed or practising sit to stand, or your ability with walking, stairs and shopping. Short and long term treatment goals will be developed at the heart of your rehabilitation and will focus on optimising your ability with the activities you find most important and improving your quality of life.

Neurological physiotherapists treat a variety of neurological conditions. Physiotherapy treatment will identify and maximise movement potential through a combination of techniques involving hand on treatment, therapeutic exercise and advice and support. Treatment sessions can be carried out in hospital, at home or in a private clinic.

Neurological physiotherapists acknowledge the difficulties faced by individuals with neurological conditions and are experienced in treating people with different difficulties. Physiotherapists also work closely with other health professionals such as occupational therapists, social workers, speech therapists and orthotists to provide the best possible treatment and to optimise your recovery.

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